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Tracking scripts

Tracking codes are an essential part of advertising systems and web analytics. These scripts, embedded in a website’s code, enable the tracking and analysis of user behaviour on that website. These codes provide valuable information about how visitors interact with your website, which helps to optimize and effectively target marketing campaigns.

To evaluate the return on investment of your Sklik and Zboží.cz campaigns and take full advantage of the automation capabilities offered by, you need to deploy a conversion code measurement script on your website. To use retargeting, dynamic retargeting, or Lookalike targeting, you need to have a targeting script with a retargeting code embedded on your website.

How do I run my website?

  • I run my website on my own solution, I have my own developer – follow the instructions for the conversion and retargeting code
  • I run my website on my own solution and use Google Tag Manager
  •  I use an e-shop platform, such as Shoptet, Eshop-Rychle etc.
    • Shoptet (Czech only)
    • Fastcentrik (Czech only)
    • (Czech only)
    • I use another eshop platform
      • Look in the administration for the measurement code settings or 3rd party integrations. Then select Seznam (Sklik) and enter the ID of your conversion code. If you are not sure what value to insert or where to insert it, please contact your e-shop solution provider or contact us at