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Native Ads

A format that can make change

Native ad is a type of paid online advertising that aims not to distract the visitor’s experience.

In terms of form and function, it fits into the content of a website. The human brain even lacks the capacity to absorb the thousands of advertising messages it is exposed to every day. Increasingly, we are dealing with the concept of banner blindness – people tend to ignore online advertising and mainly want interesting content. This is precisely what native advertising can offer.

Native ad is not a traditional banner

As a traditional banner

Traditional banner

Native ad – Emphasis on information

Native ad

As can be seen in the examples from the financial sector, the click-through rate of native advertising varies significantly among campaigns even within industries. Although Bank X (name changed) chose a clean and effective creative message that perfectly captures what the corporate brand is about, its CTR was not as high as when Akcenta (a large Czech foreign exchange company) provided answers to user questions concerning the end of the Czech central bank’s intervention mode.

Native ads require a different approach than banners because they are placed in an environment where readers expect content. Consequently, native advertising needs to attract readers by intriguing content.

Data from a survey comparing native advertising with traditional banner advertising by Sharethrough (a provider of software solutions for native advertising):

  • 25% more people look at native ads compared to banner ads.
  • 32% of respondents stated they would share such an ad with their friends and family (compared to 19% for banner ads).
  • About 18% more respondents expressed a purchase intention.
Native ad

Native advertising as part of the STDC model

Native advertising is best used in the first two stages of the buying process:


Examples from our clients: Support for PR articles – Increased traffic


The client wanted to increase the readership of his PR article on the Prož website, where they promoted one of their products for a whole week.

Native advertising increased the number of reads by 31%. Of all the ad formats that supported the PR article, it had the highest CTR and the lowest CPC.

Another positive result of the campaign was a 717% increase in searches for Eucerin AtopiControl, which the article promoted.

Trend in search for Eucerin
Eucerin native ad

How to work effectively with native ads in Sklik

1. Create a new campaign for a native ad.

The campaign has a different objective. If you re-target users, conversions will be partially attributed to the retargeting campaigns. However, campaigns need to be evaluated as a whole.

2. Into the ad group, insert a combined ad with the following elements:

  • A relevant image that fits the environment – not the product.
  • A headline that captures the reader’s need.
  • Text that lures the reader to relevant content – not a description of the product, its price, etc.
  • A landing page that offers the promised content to the reader.
    • If you show the user a listing of products on the e-shop, it is not a native advertisement!

3. Target users, who are interested in your content and can become your customers.

Example: You sell dog food.

  • Interests: Pets – Animal feed and supplies
  • Interests: Pets – Dogs

You can also target on topics:

  • Topics: Animals

Native advertising in Sklik is not just on

The principle of the native ad is that it does not disturb the user and offers interesting content, where the user expects it. If user just finished reading an article on or Seznam Zprávy, you can attract him by relevant native ad that will appear under the article.

Research by shows that engaging native ads that achieve above-average CTRs in zones for teasers to other content (newsfeed on or listing of other articles on news sites) achieve above-average CTRs in other zones supporting combined advertising. For example, just below articles on news sites.

In contrast, native ads that achieved below-average CTRs outside of the Seznam homepage also achieved below-average CTRs on the homepage.

By targeting exclusively, you’re severely limiting the reach of your campaigns, especially in the high season when space is very limited. In addition, it requires a higher CPC.

4. What else to remember?

  • Exclude retargeting lists with existing customers.
  • Keep the retargeting of users who came to the landing page via the native ad separate (e.g., the condition string you will have in the parameters of the native ad’s destination URL, utm_content=nativni-30).
  • Evaluate the native campaign and retargeting to visitors from native advertising together.

What is the whole process of native advertising in Sklik?