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Access to account

Sklik allows you to grant access to your account without having to share your login information – we really recommend not sharing login information. You can ask for or offer access to your account settings. Depending on the access level you set, you will be assigned the following rights:

  • Statistical Reporter – the user can only view the account, so the system will not allow them to create campaigns and make any adjustments to their settings. Only statistical reports can be created or edited.
  • Campaign Administrator – the user has the ability to view and make full use of the advertising interface for creating and setting up campaigns.
  • Account Administrator – the user can view and create/edit campaigns, statistics, and account settings. Moreover Account Administrator can manage other users‘ access to that account. The administrator can connect establishments.

The account you are requesting or offering acess to must have the agreed terms of the Sklik advertising system and be registered in our wallet.

An access request, an access offer, or a change in access level must be approved by the other account. All accounts within the approval process are notified to both accounts through system messages. If you have access to at least one account, the Accounts tab will appear on your advertiser’s interface.

The Accounts tab provides a better overview of the accounts you can access. Here you can find the option to request access, name linked accounts, track aggregate statistical data for the selected period, quickly access new messages, or edit link properties.

In the advertiser interface, a drop-down menu is provided above the top bar to switch quickly between the accounts you can access.