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Display Network

In the Sklik display network you can target 95% of the Czech internet population on more than 3000 websites.

Display campaigns will significantly extend your campaigns‘ reach towards your potential customers. You can promote products that people are not yet familiar with so that they start thinking about them, looking for them and finally ordering them. Through display campaigns you can build the knowledge and credibility of your brand.

For user targeting you can use many types of strategies, such as targeting based on interests and intents, retargeting and dynamic retargeting for users who have already visited your website. Youc an also target your ads on a specific website you choose (via Placements) or only on websites with specific topics. In addition to that, you can choose whether you want to target women, men, or both.

Display Network

Some of the most visited display websites of, a.s.



List of selected websites in the display network by category:

Sites – by category

Overview of content network sites – by categories where you can advertise.

Sites – Branding

Overview of content network sites – where Branding appears.

Sites – Outstream

Overview of content network sites – where Outstream appears.