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Tips for creating successful text ads

  1. Keyword matching the query
    • The more accurate the match, the higher the relevance.
    • Look through search queries of broad match keywords and add more specific keywords.
    • Put keywords with more meanings into context or use negative keywords.
  2. Lexical and thematic correspondence of the ad text and the query
    • Occurrence of the query in the text of the ad contributes to its higher relevance.
    • At least thematic similarity between the ad and the query is required.
  3. Semantic coverage of the query by the ad text
    • The more words from the query used in the ad text, the better.
    • Similarity of very specific words is more valuable than similarity of general words.
    • Similarity of rare words is more valuable than similarity of common words.
  4. Semantic coverage of the ad text by the query
    • Too many unrelated words in the text ad usually decrease its relevance.
  5. Commercial keywords
    • Frequently searched commercial keywords increase relevance of the ads.
    • Non-commercial keywords may reach lower relevance despite a good match – in such case, try to specify the keyword or add a commercial modifier to the keyword. 
  6. Dynamic variables in text ads
    • A keyword in a form of a dynamic variable does not necessarily increase relevance, especially if it is the only element of the ad related to the query.
  7. Relation of the visible URL and the query
    • Occurrence of the keyword in the visible URL increases relevance of the ad.
    • Occurrence of the keyword in the domain is even more important than occurrence in the path behind the slash.