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Combined Ads

Combined ads are a type of text ad on the Sklik display network. It consists of 3 text fields (short and long headline, description), 2 illustration images, company name and there is also option to display your company logo.

After launching your campaign, Sklik system generates ads automatically from the texts and pictures. Ads are fitted into available ad space on out partners’ websites. Sklik always selects the right ads that fits the ad space the best to ensure maximum performance.

Combined Sklik ad is compatible with Google Ads responsive advertising and appears on the display network on text areas instead of ETA ads. Its main advantage is a higher CTR thanks to the possibility of entering quality images and a great potential for creating native advertising.

Please read the rules and technical specifications carefully before creating a combined ad.

What does combined ad look like?

One combined ad can display in one area as a native ad copying the design of the host website and in another area as a standard text ad. The selection of displayed elements and the design of the ad is always adapted to the purpose of the advertising space.

Example of native combined advertising on HP

Kombinovaná reklama v nativní podobě na HP

Example of a standard combined ad in 970×310 format:

Příklad kombinované reklamy

Example of a multi-advert standard combined ad in 480×300 format:

Příklad víceinzerátové standardní kombinované reklamy

What does combined ad consist of?

You can insert more than 10 elements into a combined ad – text, images, and colours. Not all elements will be displayed in the final ad – Sklik will automatically select the elements that best suit the purpose of the area on which the ad is displayed – in order to achieve maximum performance.

How is combined ad created?

Combined advertising is created using a unified ad creation guide.

Combined ad
Creating a combined ad

Use the Crop tool to adjust images to the correct side ratio:

Example of “cropping” images

Previews of ad types are displayed directly in the ad creation guide, so you can see what your combined ad will look like. Ads are displayed in hundreds of different graphic designs, which are constantly optimised to perform as well as possible on specific ad spaces. When you create your ad, you can preview the most important types of graphic layouts.


The design of the combined ad can be customised by setting the main and complementary colours. Their usage is most visible in the ad preview when creating or editing the ad.

Preview the ad when it is created
Choice of colour
Demonstration of the use of colours

It is not mandatory to set the colours, but it is recommended to do so in order to better match the visual identity of your brand. If you don’t set any colours, the neutral colours or the colours chosen by the website provider will be used.

Even if you set the colours for the combined ad, they won’t always be visible. Some ad spaces, especially native or below the article, will continue to display ads set by the website provider.

The colour is defined as a hexadecimal code, e.g. #E7145C. After uploading the logo to the combined ad, it will generate a colour palette representing the most prominent colours in the logo, from which you can select the desired colour. If necessary, you can change it using the colour tool.

If you use the same logo for combined advertising in your Sklik account, you can set it together with the colours directly in the Settings section. When you create a combined ad, the logo and colours will be filled in automatically from this page. You can change them if necessary.

Optional fields

  • Tracking template – optional field for entering a URL with an external measurement system. This field should only be filled in by users using a third-party measuring system.

Variables for the measurement template

The destination URL of the ad can be inserted into the Tracking template as a variable. Several options are available:

  • {lpurl} – Parameter that inserts the Destination URL. Must be escaped once.
  • {lpurl+2} – Double-encoded destination URL. Useful if you are using a redirect string.
  • {unescapedlpurl} – Unencrypted destination URL
  • {escapedlpurl} – Encrypted destination URL. The characters :, /, ?, =, % are encoded
  • {escapedlpurl+2} – Double-encoded destination URL. Useful if you are using a redirect string.

Example {lpurl}:

Tracking template:{lpurl}

Destination URL (from advert):

Click URL:

If you use an external tracking template, check that the destination URL is correct after the click-through and that impressions and clicks are counted correctly. In the case of using a tracking template, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the statistics and the functionality of the click-through to the destination URL.

Import and export: The combined ad can be imported into or exported from Sklik in ZIP format. The combined ad is compatible with the Responsive Ad format used by Google Ads and is fully editable in the older version (up to version 1.1) of Google Ads Editor. However, placements, interests, intents, retargeting lists are not compatible with Sklik.

How is combined ad displayed?

  • Short headline displayed without a description is always complemented by a picture and information about the brand.
  • Long headline can be displayed without adding additional components.
  • The description and company name can be shortened by dotting.
  • We do not guarantee the appearance of the company name, we choose it according to the purpose of the advertising space.

We will always show a short or long headline in an ad, never both at the same time. We never shorten the headline text. The display of the description and company name depends on the design of the specific advertising space.

A long headline must contain important information in itself. In most graphic designs of combined ad, we display a combination of short headline + description or a separate long headline. Therefore it is important that the long headline makes it clear to the user what is the subject of the ad and what they will find on the landing page.

If you offer products or goods in categories that require nutrition and health claims about the health effects of dietary supplements, according to the Act on Regulation of Advertising No. 40/1995 Coll., the long title and the description must contain the label Dietary Supplement, Food for Special Nutrition, Medicine for Internal/External Use.

Common layouts

picture + short headline + description + favicon + company name
picture + short headline description + logo/company name with favicon
picture + long headline
picture + short headline + logo/company name with favicon
picture + short headline + description
short headline + description + favicon
long headline + favicon

Where is the combined ad displayed?

  • Combined ads are displayed in the Sklik display network and they do not replace banners. Take a look at the possible combinations of formats: Overview of Combined Ad Formats
  • In native areas of and partner websites (approx. 170 areas): What is native advertising?