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Targeting on Placement

The Sklik advertisement system allows to select, in the display network, a websitea subdomaina part of websiteeven a specific page where your advertisement will be displayed.

In the adgroup detail, under the Placement tab, you can observe the statistics of individual websites and pages where your advertisement is displayed. You can freely add or exclude websites, subdomains, even specific pages from the display network. Different CPC may be selected for individual websites.

Websites that are not included in our display network cannot be added or excluded.

Automated Placement

Referring to the selected keywords, Sklik automatically selects relevant ad placement. This parameter is active when selecting the display network by default.

  • The page Automated Placement shows you a list of domains and full URL of websites which display your advertisement, with relevant statistics.
  • Domains from Automated Placement may be moved to Selected Placement or they can be selected as Excluded Placement.
  • If you do not wish your adgroup to display automatically on websites included in the display network and you only want to advertise in Selected Placement, the parameter Automated Placement must be disabled in the campaign settings

Selected Placement

Use this parameter to select only individual placement or a combination of placement and keywords. If keywords are selected, the system will choose placement using a contextual method that is similar to Automated Placement, but only within the scope of selected websites.

You can add:

  • entire websites (
  • subdomains (
  • parts of websites (
  • specific pages (

Sklik recognises various types of input:

  • Input – targeting the entire domain, including its subdomains.
  • Input – targeting a specific subdomain that does not include other subdomains at the given domain.
  • Therefore, the input of will not have advertisement displayed on the subdomain

If the status after the input of placement is inactive / does not cover advertisement space, this means that the placement is not part of the advertisement space offered by

Combine both placement types to obtain maximum coverage of the display network with detailed statistics.

Exclude Placement

You can exclude an entire domainsubdomaina part of a website or a specific page.

Selecting Placement and exclude your advertisement will be displayed throughout the website apart from the subdomain.