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The Quality column

In the statistic reports and the Sklik interface, you can find information about the so-called Quality score for campaigns (only for the active ones in the Search Network), ad groups, and keywords. It provides information about how the contained keywords performed in competition with other advertisers

The system calculates Quality by monitoring, in all auctions in which your keyword participates, what rating your keyword would achieve compared to all other words participating in the same auction if there were no financial component in the auction, but only the success of your keyword – the relevance of the keyword to the user’s query and ad and the actual CTR vs. the expected CTR for that ad position within the results.

  • The metric is represented by an interval of integers 1 – 10, where 10 is the best rating, and 1 is the worst.
  • The quality is only informative and has no direct influence on the ranking of the ad.
  • The above shows that in highly competitive segments, it is generally more difficult to achieve above-average keyword ratings (higher than 5).
  • Do not confuse the Quality metric with the Quality Score, which is used by Google Ads and works on a different principle.

You can get the most accurate idea of the quality of your campaigns at the most in-depth level – the keywords. The metric is also available for ad groups and campaigns, but it’s an aggregate ranking of all the keywords included, which may reduce the telling power of this statistic.