Apart from bringing new users to a website, ads also aim at users taking specific action which the advertiser considers important.

A conversion is thus a specific action taken by a website visitor. The goal may be the completion of an order, registration of a new user, registration in a mailing list, downloading a demo version of software, displaying a price list, or another important action on the website.

Based on conversions, you can evaluate the efficiency of the ads and return on investment. The statistics show how many users completed a purchase, how many clicks were required to get a converting visitor, or the value of completed orders.

Measurement Principle

In order to allow the system to recognize that a user has reached the goal after clicking on an Sklik ad, the advertiser or their webmaster must enter a generated conversion code on the conversion page.

Visitors arriving through a Sklik advertisement are subsequently identified through a record stored in their computer – a cookie file with a validity of 30 days. Therefore, if a visitor reaches the conversion page within 30 days of first visiting the website through a Sklik advertisement, their conversion is counted on the day of measurement.

The cookie file is only used for the purpose of measuring the efficiency of advertising campaigns. The information is not used for any other purpose.

Conversion Page

This is a page that confirms the completion of a given activity, e.g. a page with a thank-you note for a purchase, registration, or sending a form. In the majority of measurable activities, this is a unique page which the user only visits on condition that they complete the purchase process, send a filled form, or meet any other condition.

Conversion Code

To generate the tracking code, open your account and go to Tools -> Conversion tracking -> Create conversion. Once you set the corresponding parameters, the system generates a unique fragment of the HTML code that must be included in the body of the conversion page. You can also use Google Tag Manager.

Since July 2020, we have switched towards the new conversion code. It brings several advantages regarding the stability of measured data.

<!-- Měřicí kód -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var seznam_cId = X;
var seznam_value = Y;
<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

You can find the new conversion code in the conversion detail in the Sklik interface, where you can copy it and use it on your website.

New conversion code:

<!-- Měřicí kód -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var seznam_cId = 100060883;
var seznam_value = 199;
<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

Be aware of the fact, that if you insert the new conversion code but don’t remove the old Sklik code, the conversions will be counted twice (until the end of the transition period).

Each conversion code is unique, so multiple conversion codes on the same page or successive pages ensure that different conversions are recorded independently of each other.

Conversion Value

The measurement of conversion value allows the simple monitoring of profitability on converting users. We recommend that the conversion value be entered as earnings – value of the order or, better, gross profit – earnings less cost, without conversion cost for the time being.

Without submitting a conversion value, you won’t see the COS and Conversion Value columns in your Sklik statistics.

If no value corresponds to the measured activity, the conversion value does not need to be entered; it is an optional parameter.

If the price of orders is not the same on all occasions, the possibility exists of using a variable in the tracking code to dynamically enter the current value of the order behind the currently generated conversion value. Your webmaster can perform this modification on the conversion page or you can do it with help of Google Tag Manager.

The Sklik advertisement system displays prices without VAT; therefore, it is recommended to set up the conversion value without VAT to obtain a correct calculation of COS (Cost of Sales).

Sklik has built-in protection against repeated loading of a page that would cause an artificial increase in the number of conversions. Therefore, the next conversion is counted after five minutes. Repeated visits to the conversion page that were made before this timeout are ignored.