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Payments for Sklik

A Sklik advertisement has no entrance fees or specified minimum purchase value. Clients pay for clicks on the advert or for impressions of the advertisement.

Pay Per Click

The Pay Per Click system requires payment when the user clicks on the ad; thus, you pay for the users who arrived to your website via Sklik. PPC method can be used both for Search and Display Network.

Daily Budget

Daily spending can be controlled via a campaign’s daily budget limit. The number of clicks and impressions per day depends on the daily budget parameters and the price offered (Max. CPC), it is recommended to check both these values before activating a new campaign.

Excellent parameters of the campaign settings and a catchy advertisement on a higher position may address larger number of users, reduce advertisement costs and improve the position of your advertisements on the page.

Credit Top-Up

Sklik advertisements are paid for via the Seznam Peněženka (wallet) service, which uses the same login data as Sklik. Once the credit is topped up, an active advertisement begins to be displayed.

The balance of the wallet is available at the Sklik and Wallet interface in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The exact sum spent in a given period is available in the statistics of Sklik’s advertiser interface.

The stats of Sklik and Wallet are updated with a delay and they are not mutually dependent in time. User clicks are deducted from the credit by batch processing for various time intervals, depending on the system load level.

Credit Top-Up Methods

Sklik advertisements are paid for via Seznam Peněženka, which can be topped up via bank transfer, credit card, online directly from the client’s account (up to a maximum of CZK 10,000 per charge), via our Sales Department, or through your appointed Account Manager at

Once an account has been authorized at Seznam Peněženka and your credit topped up, an accounting document (invoice) will be issued to you and sent by mail; the document is tax-deductible and may be included in your company’s expenses.

You can use the Auto Recharge feature in the Client Zone to reduce the chance of your campaigns being paused because of depleted credit. When you order with a card, check “Enable Easy Card Payments” and after recharging choose „Automatic Payments“; then you are taken to the page where you can set the Auto Recharge Rule.

Payment Duration

Online payment (up to a maximum of CZK 10,000 per charge) or a credit card payment will increase the credit on the same day.

Payment via bank transfer usually takes from two to four business days to complete, depending on your bank. Payments sent via mPenize (from an mBank account), eKonto (from a Raiffeisen Bank account), or from an ATM card will top up the credit on the same day. For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, please refer to the Seznam Peněženka (Wallet) List Help.

The invoice for Sklik services goes to the agency and then the amount is re-invoiced to the client.

CPC = Cost per click

The maximal Cost Per Click is the maximum price you are willing to pay for a click on your advertisement. There is no limitation to Max. CPC; however, the minimum in the system is CZK 0.50 less VAT. The CPC affects the placement of the advertisement on the page; higher offers may bring your advertisement to a better position.

However, the actual CPC might be lower than the maximum price – the system charges the lowest price required for the advertisement to remain in its position. Therefore, the actual CPC will never exceed the maximum CPC that you have specified.

CPT = Pay Per 1000 Impressions

If your campaign’s goal is to promote brand awareness or visibility with a relevant target audience (for example, in SEE phase of the STDC framework), or you want to have more control over the volume of impressions made, it is recommended to use the CPT payment model. CPT is only available for active campaigns on the display network.

Just like Cost Per Click (CPC), you can set a cost per thousand impressions at the level of each ad group and individual targeting (e.g. placement or interest). The higher you choose, the more you get your ad to appear. In this payment model, the CTR is not a criterion for the success of a campaign and does not affect the volume of impressions.

Unlike pay-per-click, the pay-per-thousand-impressions payment in Sklik uses the first price model, so you always pay exactly the amount you’ve set.

The payment model can be selected in your campaign settings.

If the Cost Per Click or Cost Per Impressions has been set up to be too low, it may affect the position of the advertisement. A price that is offered that is too low may result in the advertisement not being displayed at all.