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Import RSA from Google Ads

All RSAs are automatically converted to text ads when imported into Sklik.

How does it work?

One ETA is created from one RSA as follows:

Imported RSAFinal ETA
Headline 1Headline 1
Headline 2Headline 2
Headline 3, 4, 5, etc.Ignored
Description 1Description 1
Description 2, 3, etc.Ignored

Import supports pins

  • If any of the headlines in the RSA (e.g. Headline 5) has a specified position 1 or 2, it is inserted in the specified position.
  • If any of the descriptions (e.g., Description 5) has a specified position 1, it is inserted at position 1 instead of the default setting of that position.

If you do not wish to import the RSA as an ETA, you can select Do not wish to import: and the Text Ads option when importing.