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Dynamic banner

Dynamic banner is the type of product listing ad in the Sklik display network suitable for acquisition campaigns and also for the retargeting strategies. It is visible in the Sklik display network.

Dynamic banner

Dynamic banner works in a similar way as Dynamic ratergeting – it uses the product database of your Zboží.cz account and shows the available offers of your shop, with current prices. Unlike dynamic retargeting, with dynamic banner you can address groups of new users defined by your requirements.

Dynamic banner allows you to:

  • use the newly available elements, such as description (slogan), offer description and the discount.
  • customize the design of your ad using color and font settings (the appearance of your advertising is determined by the settings of your Dynamic Banner Template – as shown below).

In order to have a functional dynamic banner, it is necessary to have:

  • an assigned template
  • selected at least one type of targeting
  • created at least one product group

Elements of the dynamic banner

Company logo – the logo is being uploaded based on your profile on, which is assigned to your Zboží.cz account chosen in the specific product group. By displaying any of the dynamic banner templates, you can check if the logo is uploaded. For achieving the best possible performance, we recommend using a rectangular logo.

Description – used to catch the user’s attention. This is a place where the competitive adventage or sales related to all the products should be mentioned. The description is limited to the maximal length of 40 signs and can be filled in in the template.

Name of the company – based on the data from your Zboží.cz profile. If the length exceeds 1 line in the designated space, the rest of the text will be replaced by dotted lines.

Name of the product – the length of the text is not limited, but can be shortened to a maximum of 2 lines depending on the designated space (depending on the length of the words and font style). The data are taken from the XML feed Zboží.cz as a <PRODUCTNAME>

Description of the product –  in the feed the the extra description can be filled in under <CUSTOM_LABEL_3> – this is the customized text that will appear as a label in the ad template for each product. It can have up to 25 characters. Longer texts will be shortened.


“discount”, “sale”“bestseller”, “Greece – Rhodos” (if the location does not fit in the name of the product), “12 pieces left” (if you want to notify the user about the limited stock)

If this item is not specified, <EXTRA_MESSAGE> will be used for the Description of the product in the following manner (order from the highest to the lowest priority):


Image of the product – is uploaded from your XML feed as <IMGURL> item. It is always centered and stretched into the space.

Current price – based on <PRICE_VAT> item from XML feed Zboží.cz.

Price before the discount and the Discount – based on <LIST_PRICE> – the price that will be used to calculate the discount that appears in the ad. The discount will only be shown if it is greater than 1% of the <PRICE_VAT> bid value.

The template

Name – an obligatory short template name, which helps you to navigate among the templates in your account. It is not visible in the ad.

Description – an optional text description that is limited to a maximum of 40 characters that appear in the ad. It serves to attract the user’s attention. 

Colors – to adjust the visual appearance of the template, you can set individual elements of your own colors.

Font – you can optionally change the default font. Ideally, choose a font style that is similar to the font of your website.

External evaluation tools

Advanced users may use optional fields for the assignment of the URLs tracking by the third-parties.

Tracking template – The tracking template is used to enter the address of an external evaluation system. It is used for tracking your ad’s CTR.

URL for the tracking of impressions – tracking pixel for the measurement of the ad impressions.

More information can be found in the Zboží.cz Help Section.

Product groups

Use the division into product groups to select the store and products you’d like to show with your dynamic banner ad.

How to create the dynamic banner?

1. Link your Sklik account with your existing Zboží.cz profile. In the Sklik Settings, choose the Linking with Zboží.cz option and fill in the username and password, which you use for the Zboží.cz. If you are already using the Product Listing Ads or the Dynamic Retargeting in your account, you do not have to do the linking as it is already active.

2. Create the template by clicking on Settings > Templates. The template determines the appearance of your ad. You can set up:

  • Different colors of the background, fonts and other elements.
    • You can select the color by clicking on it: If you know the exact color, you can fill in its code (e.g. #0000FF for the blue color)
    • You can choose from the preset templates.
  • Font.
  • Text description.
  • External tracking of the clicks and impressions (for advanced users)

3. Assigned the created template to the chosen ad group in your product campaign. Create the new campaign, choose the type Product campaign and in the settings, choose the Display network. In this campaign, go to the ad group and assign the template of your choice.

4. After assigning the template, create the product groups and set up relevant targeting.

Color settings in the template

You can choose different colors for five parts of the template:

  • The main background
  • The background behind the products
  • Company name and description – color of the text on the left side of the banner
  • Product name and its price – color of the text on the right side regarding the products
  • CTA button and the discount – color of the visually prominent elements

Recommendation for the color settings: 

Remember to use the rich background colors to maintain the sufficient contrast. Also, remember to select the colors that match the colors of your logo.