Quick Start

Quick introduction into Sklik advertising.

Registration / Login

Use your email account (seznam.cz, email.cz, post.cz, google.com, etc.) to log into Sklik. You can also use any other email adress, you just have to register it first: registrace.seznam.cz. Once logged in, you can start to create campaigns and ads in Sklik.

First login

When you log in for the first time, you need to confirm the user conditions of Sklik. In the first step, you get information about the payment methods and general info about Sklik system. You get into the user interface by clicking on the „Accept“ button. You will be logged in automatically if you agreed with the user terms in the past.

You can switch between the language versions at the bottom of this page (also on other pages of Sklik). At the moment Czech and English versions are available. Click on the  „English version“ link; if you want to swith back to the Czech version, click on the „Česká verze“ link.

New campaign

In the next step, the campaign type is selected. Subsequently, the basic information about the campaign, ad group, and method of charging is filled in. You can save a campaign without ads using the „Save campaign without ads“ button.

Campaign types:

Below you will find a more detailed description of earch campaign type.

Ad group name

Campaigns consist of ad groups. Let us show you an example. There are various car brands (Ford, Opel, Renault…) and these are campaigns. So set the name of the campaign, e.g. “Ford”. Each campaign consists of ad groups, so the names of the ad groups will be based on model lines. Their names will be Focus, Mondeo, Mustang, …

Setting the prices

Proper price setting is as important as keyword selection. There are two items on the page that you see right now, “Daily budget” and “Starting price for click“. Starting price for click is the maximum amount you want to spend per click on your ad. The minimum value is 0.20 CZK but you can go higher in order to achieve better positions in the search results. The daily budget is the maximum amount you want to spend per day.

New ad

In this step you will create an ad in the selected format and then save all the information you have entered in the wizard. After saving, the interface redirects you to the Campaign Summary page.

Campaign type Ad format
Search Campaign Text Extended Ad
Display CampaignText Ad, Banner, Combined Ad, Branding, Video
Product Campaign Text Extended AdOffers from an XML feed

Keyword selection

Keywords characterize your subject of business. Those are the terms that users are searching for when they search for some specific product or service at Seznam.cz. The ads are displayed according to the keywords. Place each keyword or phrase into a separate line. We recommend to use so called „negative keywords“. These keywords stop displaying ads if the user place them in the search term.

In our case of Ford Mustang you can put following keywords into the ad group „Mustang“.

The keyword „horse“ is used as negative. It’s easy, you just place „-„ in front of the keyword.

Now you’ve set all and you can activate the campaign by clicking on the button “Enable new campaign and ad group”.

Once the campaign is launched your ads will start to display (the credit has to be charged).