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Recommendations for banner advertisement

Before launching graphic advertising

Plan a comprehensive banner strategy where you evaluate different goals.

  • Visibility – enhancing brand awareness (increasing).
  • Demand generation – introducing a new product or service.
  • Sales – discount promotions, retargeting.
  • Reminder – thank for purchase, upselling.

Other things to consider before running a display ad:

High quality offer

  • Only a quality offer will trigger a proper response. Select the most attractive products that will attract potential customers.
  • However, always provide truthful information!

Strong and clear communication

  • Users visit websites for their content, not because of their advertisement surface. Therefore, customise the design of your banner.
  • Attract the user’s attention with a banner in the first 2-3 seconds.

Picture or animation (GIF)?

  • The format of the message should not take over the content of the advertisement. Less is sometimes more.
  • In general, we recommend using a rather static form of advertising. If you choose to use animation, keep the main message clearly visible during the entire animation.
  • The length of the animation is not limited, however we recommend not to exceed 30 seconds.
  • Use the most effective banner formats.

Call-to-action button

  • By using a call-to-action button, you can achieve a higher click-through rate and thus a greater chance of convincing users to make a purchase on your site.
  • Try to include some advantage.
  • Think about the banner from the customer’s point of view. For example, try to use “I want 15% off” rather than “Register here”.

What should you write on the banner?

  • In the ideal case, the customer will find out:  WHY should he click? WHAT does he get?
    • Example: save up to CZK 30,000 a year on insurance.
  • Say the one most beneficial thing. The message must be clear and written in sufficiently large letters. Remember that you are not selling just a product, but the benefit it will bring to the customer.

What actually works?

  • verb (does action)
  • call to action (save money, lose weight, win etc.)
  • question (Why don’t you live in your own apartment? Do you exercise with no result?
  • price, amount of discount (numbers)
  • Words: Free, No fees


  • Choose the high-quality photo that best represents the product/service.
  • Use crops, highlight details.

Product name and its contribution

  • Use the shortest name possible, which appropriately describes the product/service. Be careful of giving too much information.
  • Symbols and associations are worth using.

During the campaign

Banner evaluation and optimisation

  • Always keep in mind the goal of your campaigns.
    • Example: if you are interested in performance, prefer banners that bring in more orders instead of banners with high click-through rates (CTR) when testing
  • Evaluate banner performance only after sufficient amount of data has been collected.
  • Work with the frequency of ad impressions per user. We recommend a lower frequency for banners than for text ads.

Banner testing

  • Show multiple different banners to users. They won’t get used to the graphics and stop noticing the banner.
  • If one of your graphics performs significantly better than the others, create more similar banners and keep testing.