Types of targeting


When you know that you want to advertise only on specific websites, you can simply choose them. You just go to your ad group and write the URLs of the selected websites. For example, if you want to target Seznam’s biggest websites you just add the following to your placements:

o   Seznam.cz, Seznamzpravy.cz, Super.cz, Novinky.cz, Prozeny.cz, Sport.cz.


If you don’t know the placements you can use the Topics option. Here the websites are already separated according to their topics. You can choose websites focusing on travel, fitness, fashion, news, health, sport, industry, nature, hardware, finance, food, etc.

After that the system automatically shows ads on websites with the selected topics.


Another type of targeting is Interests. Here the system detects users with selected interests according to their long-term behaviour on the internet. Interest targeting has a greater reach than intent targeting and is good for branding and demand generation. You can choose from many interests in Sklik. When choosing, you can see the actual number of users assigned to the interest.


Intents and interests are similar but here the system detects users with selected intents according to their short-term behaviour on the internet. Intents target users in the last phase of the purchasing cycle. Intent targeting is more accurate and good for performance advertising.


With a retargeting campaign, you can target users that have visited your website. You need to implement the Sklik retargeting code in your website and then you easily define lists of users you want to target. For example, you can target people who have visited some category of your website, people who have a product in their shopping cart but haven’t completed their orders yet, people who have viewed your contacts, customers with special offers, etc. In a retargeting campaign, banners, combined ads (text & pictures) and video can be used.

Dynamic retargeting

Dynamic Retargeting (DRTG) shows visitors to your e-shop the goods they viewed, including the image and the current price. By linking to a Zboží.cz feed, there is no need to enter any retargeting conditions or edit a retargeting code. The system knows what the users were looking at. You don’t have to enter ads or upload banners. Sklik will create it for you from the feed itself.


You create a pack of 5-7 words which determines the content where you want to advertise. For example, you are a shop selling furniture and you want to target people reading about homes, design, houses, etc. You go to the ad group and add keywords such as “home, flat, reconstruction, modern, house”. Then the system takes these words overall and finds corresponding content in articles and shows the ad. Keywords are entered only in a broad match on the display network.

Gender (filter)

A gender filter can be added to any kind of targeting. If you know that you are targeting mainly women or men, you can easily use it. Please bear in mind that a gender filter does not work by itself but only in combination with another type of targeting.