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Changing the password

The login name and password are the same across all the Seznam services. You have the ability to change your password through the Seznam Account report. Once logged in, you can find the password change form and control questions in the left navigation menu under the Change Password tab. You can also change the password in the email box interface.

Lost password

If you remember the password, but the system reports that it is invalid, it may be for one of the following causes:

  • you enter your username with the domain name (i.e. including the part behind)
  • you have selected the wrong domain (i.e. part of the name behind the at sign)
  • you have the Caps Lock or Shift key turned on.

If your system continues to decline your password or if you forget your password, choose how we deliver you a new password:

  • Send to a verified email

If you have a verified email, we’ll send you a new password link. Click here.

  • Send as a text message

If you have a verified mobile phone number, we will send you a new password as a text message.

If the ad does not comply with the Advertising Policy, it will be rejected and will stop appearing.

The reason for a rejection may be only a bug in the ad, but it may also be inconsistency with the rules for the landing page.

If you have any doubts about a rejected ad, you can contact the Sklik Administrators team.

Most common reasons for refusal (with examples).

  • Missing gap

Offers various flavours(strawberry,banana,pineapple). Correct: Offers various flavours (strawberry, banana, pineapple).

  • Unreliable prices

The ad contains „Socks from 29 CZK“. The cheapest socks on the landing page are for 50 CZK. Alternatively, there is no price on the website at all.

  • Invalid URL

Once the ad is clicked, the user is taken to a non-existent URL or an invalid page (error 404). It may happen that the optimizer creates a campaign before the programmer creates the appropriate URLs (pages). At the time of approval, the administrator sees the error. That’s why advertising is rejected.

  • Unauthorized content

Often this is erotic images, weapons, cannabis, cigarettes/tobacco, or „miraculous“ advertising (learn a foreign language in three days, etc.).

  • Trademark

Advertisements are blocked if the trademark owner does not want another person to advertise using their trademark. It can be unblocked if the advertiser provides proof of permission to advertise using that particular trademark on a specific Sklik account with the consent of the owner of the trademark.

  • Punctuation problem

Frequently using three dots (…) and more than one exclamation mark. Alternatively, use other characters instead of dots. (Cheap phones – wide selection of brands – quality – reasonable price.) Optional: „Fast shipping + personal access + low prices.“

  • Text does not make sense

(Blue T-shirt with …) – unfinished sentence. It often occurs as a result of poor API settings.

  • Mention of competition

Are you searching for a „brand name of a competitor“? Buy „custom brand name“

  • Domain does not match

The visible URL is, for example,, but after a click, the user is taken to the domain

  • Excessive word repetition

E.g. caption: Accommodation in Prague – Accommodation in Prague

  • Not related to the landing page

The client advertises laundry powder, but there is only an offer of pots on the landing page.

  • Discount with a specified value

The advertiser says „Discounts up to 80%“. On the landing page, however, discounts can only be traced up to a maximum of 50%.

  • Missing text  (on banner)

The banner contains only a blank image. Without text.

  • The banner URL does not match the destination URL

On the banner there is the message „Visit our eshop at“. After a click, however, the user is taken to

  • Unauthorized content

Either the target page or the banner is displayed as illegal content: in particular, cannabis, erotic, and „miraculous“ advertising (learn a foreign language in three days, etc.).

Because advertisements on Sklik pay for clicks, advertisers are often interested in how they are protected against invalid clicks. We carefully analyse the issue of invalid click detection, regularly reviewing and improving existing methods.

Sklik is protected from artificially blurring several mechanisms, including link encryption, the number of clicks on IP addresses, and thorough logging of all actions so that we can detect possible scams not only automatically but also after review by admin.

Despite this simple consideration of click fraud, we do not underestimate the issue of invalid clicks. The problem of recognizing invalid clicks is carefully dealt with. We’re ready to receive information from advertisers about suspicious things you see in your statistics or logos. Please note that we reserve the right to decide what are and are not invalid clicks within our Terms of Service. If we detect invalid clicks, we are ready to refund advertisers.

In the search result, favicons are displayed in 16 × 16 px (larger sizes are automatically reduced).

The maximum supported favicon size is 128 kB; the file format can be any normally readable image.

The Favicony robot gains primarily from the page header from:

ink link rel = „icon“

or link rel = „shortcut icon“

or from the standard address

Collecting the favicon that is displayed on the ads is done automatically. Usually, the favicon will be “scanned” within a few days.

Causes of outdated favicons

  • Changing the landing page (editing the design or content of the landing page)
  • Changing the URL

To keep favicon running without problems, we recommend that you follow the following guidelines:

  • Only use valid URLs.
  • Make sure your site does not use any banned optimization techniques

An overdraft on the daily budget can occur in two cases:

In Search Network

Since Sklik statistics are processed batchwise and are not always up to date, the system may not be able to stop the campaign on time and the daily budget will be slightly exceeded. According to the terms and conditions of the Sklik advertising system, we guarantee that your weekly total spend will not exceed seven times your daily budget.

The budget can also be exceeded if there is a significant difference between the set daily budget and CPC.

The recommended ratio between your daily budget and CPC/CPT is 100: 1 (daily budget: CPC).

In Display Network

Your ad may appear under one of the articles on display network sites where very high traffic is typical, and the system will not be able to stop the campaign early.

In settings, you can change your CPC for the display network to correct your spend. You can turn off the display network completely or exclude some selected sites.


If your total spend exceeds seven times you daily budget, write to us via the contact form. Please write the name of the account where the overdraft has occurred, the campaign name, and the period for which it happened. Our administrators will look into the situation and the difference between the exhausted amount and the set limit will be credited back as credit within the next two working days.

When you want to have good-quality statistics and display in a higher position, campaigns need to have time and quality settings. You also need to have a good account structure and a balanced max. CPC. Therefore, we recommend concentrating on the attractiveness of advertisements, including your competitive advantages, and high-quality targeting of your potential customers (using closely related keywords, keyword matching, and negative keywords).

The regularity with which your ad is displayed in better positions or top positions (the top four most successful ads) will depend on its success and correct set-up.

  • Campaign settings

Frequent reasons for not showing an ad relate to your campaign settings (total budget, campaign end, set number of clicks or regional targeting).

  • Checking your campaign too soon after adding

Data in the system is batch-processed. Because of system utilization, data may be recorded over a longer period of time.

  • Negative keywords/duplicate keywords

Check your negative keywords at ad group level and campaign level.

  • Daily budget has run out

The system processes the data in batches, and you may face a situation in which you have a daily limit, but you do not see complete numbers in the interface. Make sure there is no overrun which has stopped ads from being posted.

  • Inactive keywords

If you enter a query in the search that you normally see, find out in the crawl interface whether the keyword is inactive.

  • You ad is displayed on the next search result page

If you do not see your ads on the first result page, they may appear on the other search result pages.

  • Budget optimization

Budget optimization ensures that the daily budget is used evenly throughout the day.

  • Rejected/Paused ad

If your ad is not showing, it may be because the ad has been rejected or paused. Check the status of your ads in your account interface.

  • Technical error

If none of the situations described above matches your case, you do not have statistics for a given day, and campaign, ad group, and keywords are active, please contact us and describe your problem in the most detailed way (browser version, screenshot interface, etc.

Visits and clicks

If you count visits to websites, the statistics of Sklik and other tools can differ. It is because every tool counts visits differently. Tools for the measurement of visits (e.g. Google Analytics) measure visits, not clicks. It can happen that one visit brings more clicks.

If you haven’t found the solution to your problem here, do not hesitate to contact us.