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Filter for age targeting

How do we determine the age of the user?

We use two different methods to determine the age of our users. For logged-in users, we use the data entered by them from their user profiles. This method covers approximately 65 % of all impressions across our services as we can use the data on all users‘ devices. For users without registration, we use machine learning methods that estimate this data with high accuracy based on the user’s behavior on our websites.

Once you have selected targeting (keywords, placements, topics, retargeting, interests, buying interests) and an age filter in the same ad group, the target group will only consist of selected age category.

When to use the age filter?

Age filter is a tool for more precise targeting of your preferred age group.

It is not a standard targeting type and cannot be used alone. It works as an auxiliary filter to use along with other types of targeting.

Always consider whether the targeting you have chosen is appropriate for your campaigns and whether setting of age filter does not unnecessarily limit distribution of your ads.

The age filter might be used for:

  • seasonal holiday offers targeting selected age group – family with children, seniors
  • display campaigns focused on a specific age group – f.ex. insurance for seniors
  • discount events for selected age groups – f.ex. student discounts and other discounts based on age

The most effective way is to use a combination of age filter with placement targeting using the most visited sites on the Czech internet (eg,, seznamzpravy, idnes etc…)

If you use multiple types of targeting, get familiar with how these targetings work together to avoid narrowing the audience too much. That would unnecessarily result in limiting the potential reach of the campaigns.

Age filter setting

You can select the age group in the ad group by clicking on the Age tab and selecting the desired age range. If you do not choose any, all age categories will be targeted.

Settings of age filter in the interface

It is possible to set different maximum CPCs for different age groups.

Who can use the age filter?

The age filter in the Sklik display network is a feature that is only accessible for the advertisers with accounts that are active for at least one month and invest at least 20.000 CZK / month.

If you fulfill these conditions, contact us and we will enable this function for you.