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Individual setting Max. CPC for different targeting types

How the system uses different Max. CPC (CPT) within the same ad group?

If you set an individual Max. CPC (maximum cost per click) or CPT (cost per thousand impressions) (hereafter referred to as Max. CPC) for different targeting within one ad group (Interest, Gender, Age, Retargeting, Intents, Placement,) and do not leave a default value for them that is taken from the ad group. In the following examples, you will see when the system uses which Max CPC and in which sequences.

The rank order is from highest priority to lowest

1) Product group


Ad is displayed from Product group “Vše skladem” = Max. CPC 12 CZK. Regardless of other settings. Because Product Group ” Vše skladem ” has individually adjusted Max. CPC and has the highest priority.

2) Gender, age


Ad is displayed for Gender “Female “with Interest in “Children” from Product group “Levné zboží” = Max. CPC 6 CZK.

3) Type of targeting (Placement, Topics, Retargeting, Interests, Intents)


Ad will be displayed for Gender “Male” with Interest in “Mountains – abroad” from Product group “Levné zboží” = Max. CPC 7 CZK (because Gender “Male” does not have an individual Max. CPC, the Max. CPC will transfer from the ad group. Therefore, the system of the individually set 7 CZK from the Targeting for Interest “Mountains – abroad” will be used as the next in the order of priority).

4) Ad group

If a different price is set for different targeting types (e.g. Placements + Interests), the MaxCPC of the targeting that wins the auction is used.

The system’s principle of operation when keywords targeting in the display network does not reflect the individually applied MaxCPC for keywords.