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Multiple conversion codes on one page

You can implement multiple unique conversion codes on your conversion page. However, it is possible to insert it using a script, which will ensure their possible use from the web and the inclusion of statistics in Sklik.

Get the data from the conversion code

100000000 is the ID of the first conversion code. 199.9 is its conversion value (see figure above).

200000002 is the ID of the second conversion code. 222 is its conversion value (illustrative data).

This way you can insert as many conversion codes as you need.

Script for inserting 2 conversion codes

<script type="text/javascript">
    function createRcLoader(cId, value, onLoad) {
        return function () {
            window.seznam_cId = cId;
            window.seznam_value = value;

            var script = document.createElement('script');
            script.onload = onLoad;
            script.async = true;
            script.src = "";



It is possible to implement multiple unique conversion codes from different Sklik accounts on the conversion page.

Conversions can be duplicated. This happens when a user clicks on an ad from Account 1, then clicks on an ad from Account 2 within 30 days, and then converts. The conversion will be credited to the last source (campaign, ad, etc.) from Account 2 and the last source from Account 1.