Illicit Content

Before you start your advertisement, please make sure you do not intend to use Sklik to promote content that is illicit or limited by the rules:

As per the advertised product

Tobacco Products

Advertisement to sell tobacco product is not permitted. We allow the sale of non-tobacco tools and equipment for smokers such as tobacco boxes, humidors, pipes, cigarette papers, etc.


Alcohol may be advertised under the application of the following:

  • Alcohol content must not be highlighted
  • Audiences must not be encouraged to use the product in excess
  • Advertisement must not target at persons under 18 years of age
  • Advertisement must not encourage feelings of social and/or sexual success and/or medical effects of the product
The landing page must contain information on restriction of sale to persons under 18 years of age, possibly via a gateway screen.


Promotion of pornography, erotic and sex-related material, including online content (video and text) is not permitted. Exceptions are granted to the category of products and services of permitted erotic content.

Advertisement will be displayed only at search queries with erotic and/or pornographic content in such a manner that allows only the display of advertisement containing text, keywords or landing page with erotic and/or pornographic content.

The identification of keywords, advertisement or websites as well as the content thereof as erotic lies solely with the Operator; the Operator hereby reserves the right to reject any advertisement that fails to meets the requirements.


We do not allow the sale of drugs and psychotropic material, natural drugs (such as salvia divinorum, cannabis, psychedelic mushrooms), their seeds and ‚poppers‘.

Health Statements

Advertisement text must not contain nutritional and/or health statements or statements on medical effects of foodstuffs or dietary supplements.

Online Betting and Lotteries

Advertisement on online betting and lotteries may only be executed upon presentation of a valid licence for operation of such games in the Czech Republic. In such case please call our number 234 694 200 and ask for appointing an Account Manager who will discuss the matter with you.

More Information

When creating an account, please provide the following:

  • Name of advertisement account
  • List of domains to be promoted
  • Number, scope and validity of licence
  • Copy of valid permission to operate lotteries and other similar games..
  • Entry in the website of Ministry of Finance in the current list of operators of lotteries and betting games that is valid on the given day.

Advertisement content must conform to the conditions of the Gaming Licence and relevant legislation of the Czech Republic.

In the event of changes or termination of validity of the Gaming Licence, the advertiser has the obligation of notifying the Operator on those facts and modify the advertisement content accordingly, or to remove the advertisement in its entirety.

Feel free to e-mail us at or use our the contact form.

Illegal Software

Advertisement must not be used as a vehicle to promote the sale or distribution of copyrighted material and illegal software. The landing page must not feature “warez”, serial keys, hacks, cracks or other tools used for illegal activation of software.


Pursuant to Act 40/1995 Coll, on regulation of advertisement, advertising to sell firearms and rounds is not allowed. We do not permit advertisement to sell additional components to firearms. Additional Components refer to systems designed to complement and upgrade the firearm for extended use while not being necessary for operating the firearm in the standard manner.

As per the content of the landing page

Illicit Optimisation Methods

The landing page may be rejected if it contains illicit optimisation methods, especially Cloaking, Doorway, Mirror or fraudulent redirection.

Insufficient Information

We do not authorise websites that do not contain adequate information on the featured product or service. Provision of detailed information must not require the input of personal information (this usually applies to websites offering consultancy, weight loss systems, working from home, money leases, or IQ tests).

Double Advertisement

It is the mission of Sklik to provide the users of the search engine and other partner websites with targeted, high-quality, non-recurring offers. Therefore, no advertiser is allowed to use two or more accounts to promote websites in one domain or websites in other domains which could easily mislead the user as to the identity of those websites.

  • Identical / Similar Website Subject (website preview)
  • Similarities in the basic layout of the websites (website preview, differences in the layout templates and important site components, etc.)
  • Text (text advertisement, text on websites)


Websites must clearly state their principles of protection of privacy. If users are invited to enter their personal information by the website, it must clearly state how the information will be handled further.