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Third party integrations

On this page, you can find a list of our partners who have set up custom workflows in their platform using our API integration to conveniently import own customer lists into Sklik. For more information on how to activate your data in Sklik via each tool, please visit the linked pages.


In the SmartEmailing PRO version you will find a smart “node” among the actions – Sklik retargeting. This allows you to automatically upload selected email addresses to your email list in Sklik. You can then target advertising to this audience.

More information can be found at this link (in Czech only):

The integration allows you to transfer a selected list of contacts, segments, or contacts that go through an automation scenario to your Sklik account.

More information can be found at this link (in Czech only):


Integration with Meiro CDP allows you to import selected contacts (email addresses) segmented based on defined attributes in Meiro and then retargeting in Sklik.

More information can be found at this link:


Targito is a data platform for automating multi-channel campaigns. In addition to advanced automation and personalisation in the creation, distribution and evaluation of online newsletters, Targito offers integration of all online customer communications.

For more information, please follow the link below. Help is only available by logging into your Targito client account: