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Conversion code for Sklik + Zboží.cz


If you run an e-shop and use both Sklik and Zboží.cz, we recommend to use a single conversion for both services:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
var conversionConf = {
  id: 10000000, /* Sklik conversion identifier*/
  value: 199.9, /* Order value in CZK*/
  orderId: 123456, /* Zboží.cz order indentifier*/
  zboziType: "standard", /* "standard" (standard measurement), "limited" (limited measurement), or "sandbox" measurement of Zboží.cz conversions*/
  zboziId: "QQQQ",  /* ID of Zboží.cz branch*/
  consent: 1 /* Consent from the visitor to send a conversion hit, allowed values: 0 (no consent) or 1 (yes consent)*/
 // Make sure the method exists before calling it
 if (window.rc && window.rc.conversionHit) {


Do not insert the code into the page as asynchronous with the async attribute.

Values for Zboží.cz (recommended for e-shops)

If you run an e-shop and use Sklik and Zboží.cz, we recommend using a single conversion code.


id – The ID of the Sklik conversion code

value – conversion value (optional)

orderId – order identifier on Zboží.cz

zboziId – ID of your Zboží.cz branch

zboziType – type of measurement, you can enter standard, limited, sandbox – more details in the Zboží.cz Help section.

For standard measurement of Zboží.cz conversions, it is also necessary to send information from your backend interface (more details here).

Single conversion code for Sklik + Zboží.cz in Google Tag Manager

There are some templates created to work with the code in Google Tag Manager (f.x. here or here) however, these templates were created by a third party, therefore cannot guarantee their flawless functioning.

Original code (until November 2021):

<! - Measuring code ->
<script type = "text / javascript">
var seznam_cId = 100060883; // Conversion ID
var list_value = Y; // the value of the order
var seznam_orderId = YYY;
var list_zboziId = QQQ;
var item_listType = "standard";
var rc = rc || {};
rc.consent = CCC; // CCC = 0 or 1

<script type = "text / javascript" src = "" async> </script>

Sklik also supports the original notation of the conversion code, including an optional parameter by which the advertiser passes information about the user’s consent. However, we recommend that you switch to the new code at the appropriate time.