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Simple Display Campaign

You can create a Simple Display Campaign by clicking on the green button New campaign.

In the next step, select the Simple Display (context) Campaign type.

Simple Display Campaign is set up identically as the Display campaign with the difference that some settings are hidden. These unavailable settings are then guided by the default value/setting in the Display campaign or not applied at all.

Limitations of the Simple Display Campaign compared to the Display campaign settings

  • Only device targeting can be set. Other targeting such as Topics, Interests, Intents, Retargeting, Dynamic retargeting, Keywords or Placement are not possible to set in the Simple Display Campaign.
  • Negative targeting can only be set for device, keyword, placement and topic targeting. When you set negative targeting, the average cost per click may increase compared to a Simple Display Campaign without any negative targeting (but will still remain lower on average compared to a regular display campaign)
  • It is not possible to use filters for age and gender.
  • Campaigns cannot be created using import or API. However, they can be updated this way.

Where is Simple Display Campaign displayed?

Targeting is handled by the system itself. The ad groups within these campaigns are displayed mainly to users who have not consented to targeted advertising, use ad-blockers or for other reasons do not enter the auction behaviourally targeted ads – interests, intents, retargeting.

Benefits of Simple Display Campaign

  • Extended reach for existing display campaigns. With behaviourally targeted advertising, but also with contextual targeting, you only reach a portion of the ad space.
  • It is cheaper than other display campaigns because it shows up in auctions with fewer candidates.
  • It is simple. No need to set up any type of targeting, it’s published automatically and is therefore suitable for advertisers who don’t want to worry about whether to target interests or topics, what domains to enter in their placement, etc.


During evaluation, it should be considered that by the principle of the advertising space where the Simple Display Campaign is displayed, conversions and the values derived from them are underestimated and in fact the amount of conversions is significantly higher.

Conversions are measured, for example, if the user has not given consent to display a targeted ad but has agreed to the conversion tracking on the advertiser’s website. Or if the user clicks on the ad and converts without closing the browser window in the meantime.