Recommendations for combined ad

1. Meaningful long headline

The long headline must make it clear what you are offering, as it is often displayed as the main message without a description. If you just copy in the additional Headline 2 from the ETA of the ad, the ad will not work.

Example of a suitable headline
Example of an inappropriate headline

Images without text have two times higher CTR because they do not cause “banner blindness”.

Example of a suitable image
Example of an inappropriate image

3. Images that can be cropped

The main object should be centred and aligned in the photo/image so that the image can be cropped by about 7% on the sides.

Example of an inappropriate image – after “cropping” the edges

4. Images without excess edges

Use graphics that cover the entire image space.

Example of an inappropriate image – doesn’t fill up the whole space.

5. High quality logo in the right size

  • Choose the logo size that most closely matches the proportions of the sides of your logotype and enter this logo.
  • Do not enter a rectangular logo in a square area and the other way around.
  • The logo image should cover the entire graphic area without unnecessary borders.
  • The recommended size for a rectangular logo is 1200 × 300 px and for a square logo we recommend 1200 × 1200 px.
Square logo – correct input
Rectangular logo – correct input
Rectangular logo in square area – wrong input!

6. Accurate targeting

If you have a limited budget and your product isn’t really for everyone, don’t just target the location, but specify targeting with relevant interests that your customers have.