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Inline editing

This is an editing panel for faster adjustments to campaigns.

In the Sklik interface, you can make bulk edits such as increasing the Max. CPC for multiple items at the same time without having to wait for a new page to load, search and replace, and other operations that will save you time when managing your campaigns.

Which types of changes does the editing panel support?

Activating the editing panel

The editing panel can be activated in two ways:

  1. By clicking on the pencil icon that appears when you point the mouse cursor over a cell.
  • Choosing an option from Selected menu.

When the edit mode is activated, the table surroundings become inactive and the editing panel is displayed.

How editing mode works

The edits you make are displayed directly in the interface. Edited values are marked in green, if you enter invalid values, they are marked in red. The minimum and maximum allowed numeric values are checked and corrected automatically by the system.

In the edit mode, it is possible to make several different changes within one set of edits. For example, for some keywords increase max. CPC and for others to decrease, or to set the same name for selected ad groups first and then individually add tags according to your needs. If one value is edited repeatedly, the last value entered is used.

Title change

The following options are available for changing the name:

  • Set to – sets the name of the selected entities to the specified value.
  • Replace – scans the names and replaces them with the new values. It also allows deleting – just leave the second field blank.
  • Add before – adds any text before the existing names.
  • Add after – adds any text after the existing names.

Price change

The following options are available for changing the price for ad groups:

  • Set to a specific value.
  • Increase or decrease the bid by a specific amount of CZK or % with the option to set an allowed maximum/minimum if necessary.

URL change

The following options are available for changing the URL for ads:

  • Set to a specific value.
  • Replace the first text in the URL with the other.

Budget change

The following options are available for changing the budget:

  • Set to a specific value
    • As part of setting to a specific value, it is also possible to change the budget type, i.e. from a daily budget to any shared budget and vice versa. This option only appears when there is at least one shared budget in the account.
  • Increase or decrease the budget by a specific number of CZK or % with the option to set an allowed maximum/minimum if necessary.

The changes made can be saved by clicking the Save button or by pressing the Enter key. The number of records in the table that will be affected by the changes are displayed in brackets on the button.

Exit editing

To cancel editing, use the Cancel button or press the ESC key. To confirm the cancellation, press the OK button in the pop-up window.

What can be adjusted in the editing panel

Editing options in summary

CampaignsName (via selection only), Budget
Ad groupsName, Max. CPC, Max. CPC display, CPT, Frequency (via selection only)
Text adsURL (via selection only)
KeywordsMax. CPC, URL
PlacementsMax. CPC, CPT
TopicsMax. CPC, CPT
RetargetingMax. CPC, CPT
InterestsMax. CPC, CPT
IntentsMax. CPC, CPT
GenderMax. CPC, CPT

Tips and tricks

  • Before activating the edit panel, apply a filter to the data in the table.
  • To select multiple items in the editing mode, you can use the Shift key (to adjust the range) and Ctrl key (to select multiple individual items, Cmd on Mac) in addition to the checkboxes.
  • For price settings, you can increase or decrease the value in the edit bar using the up and down arrow keys.
  • The editing panel is case sensitive – ” Title” is different from ” title”.
  • It is also possible to edit values in columns that are not displayed by default, e.g. the URL for ads. Simply activate the edit bar using the Selected menu and the hidden column will be displayed.

What inline editing can’t do

  • Editing more items than can be displayed on a single page (currently 250). In addition to the high processing requirements on both the Sklik and browser sides, editing items that you as a user cannot see would be risky in terms of changes that you would not have under control. Other methods should be used for these purposes.
  • Editing text of ads.