Sklik services

There are two ways of displaying Sklik advertisements on Seznam.

You can use the interface to run your campaigns on your own.

The other option is to use the service of Seznam’s professional optimizers, who will bring your campaigns to peak efficiency.

If you are interested in the services of our optimizers, these services are ready for you:

  • Sklik Standard – A great solution for clients of small and medium enterprises with an Internet presentation.
  • Sklik Profi – This requires the potential for a minimum monthly investment of 30,000 CZK.

For enquiries please contact:

Email: or contact your Account Manager at

Another option is consultation of your campaigns from our Sklik experts. These consultations can be either long-term or short-term; it depends on your needs. Consultations are not direct management of your campaigns but recommendations for you or your PPC specialists.

If you want to have these consultations, please ask your Account Manager at or write to this email: