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Device targeting

With bid multipliers, you can easily increase or decrease the set maximum cost per click and cost per thousand impressions based on device type.

A value of 300% means an increase of 300% in the offer, i.e. 100% + 300% = 400%. Instead of 3 CZK you will enter the auction with up to 12 CZK per click.

Example of device targeting

For example, if you have a campaign where the mobile device is turned off due to lower performance and you don’t have an identical campaign purely with mobile targeting, you can set the multiplier to e.g. -30%, and the mobile ad will begin to run with that reduced bid. If you don’t set the multiplier, the ad will be displayed on mobile phones with a default setting of 0% – exactly according to the maximum CPC.

The multiplier setting can be used for both the search and display networks.

Bid multipliers can be imported into Sklik or exported via Campaign export. Also, the listing is compatible with Google Ads Editor.

The exception is Multimedia devices. If you import or export them, they will be identified as Television Screen device type.

However, this device type is only supported in Google Ads Editor for video and display campaigns. If you want to adjust this device for search or product campaigns but you work on the campaigns in Google Ads Editor, you will need to manually set it up in Sklik after the campaign import.

Modification at the Ad group level

If you need to adjust the bid for individual devices at the ad group level, you can do it in the Devices tab, which you be found next to targeting tabs. There you can also see the performance of each device.

A strikethrough (the “-” sign) means taking the multiplier settings from the campaign level, and 0% means no adjustment.

Bid multiplier settings at the ad group level take precedence over multiplier settings at the campaign level.

The exception is -100% at the campaign level, which prevents ad groups from being displayed on the selected device regardless of the set value at the ad group level.

We display ads targeted through Retargeting, Dynamic retargeting, and Intents to users across multiple devices – cross device.

In the statistics report you have the option to select Device Type, where you can see the breakdown of statistics by device within a single campaign. Devices that we fail to recognize will automatically be assigned to the Desktop group.

If you want to target individual device types with individual budgets, or perhaps use different ad text, you’ll need to create a separate campaign for each device.