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Ranking of ads in the search network

There are several factors that affect the position of an ad, which are related to the setup and success of the campaign. The biggest determinants of ranking are the maximum bid price per click and the so-called Quality Score.

Quality score

The quality score is calculated from various variables.

In the Search Network, the relevance and the relation of the keyword to the user’s query are taken into account.

In the Display Network, the relevance of the ad to the thematic focus of the website is emphasized. Another integral component of the calculation is the Click-Through Rate.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

It is a percentage value based on the ratio between the number of clicks and the number of impressions. The Click-Through rate therefore indicates how likely users are to click on a given campaign, ad group, ad, or keyword.

You can influence the Click-Through rate to some extent by setting up your ad campaigns correctly. Keywords should be closely related to the text of the ad. If users find your text interesting and relevant to the query, they will click on the ad.

The higher the CTR, the more likely you are to pay a lower cost per click or have your ad appear in a higher position. The Click-Through rate value is also related to the actual cost per click (CPC) charged by the system.

 Examples of the CTR value

We do not disclose the exact ad ranking algorithm, detailed descriptions of individual components or their weight.

TOP positions

There are 4 top positions in the Sklik Search Network. These are the first 4 results in the search.

The TOP positions are more visible, compared to the standard position (3 ads on the bottom of the page). In order for your ad to appear in the TOP position, its success rate, quality factor and bid price per click must exceed that of competing ads and meet internal criteria.

Top positions in the Search Network

Therefore, it is recommended focusing primarily on creating engaging ads, mentioning competitive advantages, quality targeting of your potential customers, and competitive cost-per-click pricing. You can use the Keyword Suggestion tool to estimate the price or get an idea of the average bid.