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Advanced data handling

Import and export

Sklik Ad System allows you to import and export large campaigns with a large number of reports, ads, and keywords. Use is suitable for clear editing of large amounts of data, transfer of campaigns between PPC systems or their backup.

Sklik API

Sklik API is an XML-RPC-based application interface for flexible Sklik account management. For the use of Sklik API, programming experience and knowledge of the XML-RPC protocol, which is available for most programming languages, is required. With the Sklik API, you can create and manage campaigns, reports, keywords, ads, or process statistics.

Automatic rules

f you have many ad groups and keywords in your account, then you are probably not able to evaluate each one in detail on a daily basis.

Import from Google Ads

The tool is used to automatically import campaigns directly from Google Ads to Sklik without the need to export a CSV file and upload it to Sklik using the regular importer. Selected campaigns can be imported once or periodically at daily, weekly or monthly intervals