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Video ads

Audiovisual advertising is an ideal way to increase brand awareness, as it directly addresses, generates emotions, is easy to remember and can show things that are otherwise difficult to express. Sklik allows you to advertise with up to 60-second video spots and video bumpers that cannot exceed 6 seconds. You can use all available targeting, including retargeting.

Technical specification:

  • Supported formats: MP4 and MOV, you can also use WMV, AVI, FLV or WEBM.
  • Dimensions: 1280×720 px or 1920×1080 px.
  • Video file size: 100 MB.
  • Video length: Videospot till 60 seconds and Bumper till 6 seconds.

Target your ads on the following video placements:

Types of ads

Videospot – a longer format from 7 up to 60 seconds, the user has an option to skip the ad

Bumper – a short, 6 seconds video which cannot be skipped

You can only set up a video campaign with the CPT payment model. We recommend a price range for instream video between 80 CZK and 100 CZK.

In case of instream video, the ad is displayed on the Seznam website, usually before playing the video. On the other hand, outstream is displayed within the content of the page (for example in the body of the article between the paragraphs of the text) on Seznam websites + about 15 Partner websites. Outstream starts as a silent video – the user needs to manually turn the sound on. The CPT price range for the outstream format is around 100 CZK.