Product Listing Ads

Linking with Zboží.cz

The Product Listing Ads are displayed directly below the search bar on the right-hand side of the page, next to the text ads. This type of ad consists of individual offers with pictures and prices which are linked to the Zboží.cz XML feed. Up to six offers are displayed on one page.

In order to use Product Listing Ads, you have to be registered to Zboží.cz service and link the account with Sklik. This can be done in Sklik Tools section -> Linking with by entering the existing Username and Password for Zboží.

Product campaign

To create a product campaign in your account, click on the New campaign button and then choose the Product campaign type.

Product groups

In a product campaign, you will be able to create one or more Product groups that will filter the Zboží XML feed, so you can choose which products will be advertised using product ads in Search Network. For example, you can only advertise selected categories and only those products that are currently in stock. To display product groups, you have to choose your branch.

XML feed

To advertise with Product listing ads, your XML feed has to contain the following tags:

  • <BRAND>

The <VISIBILITY> tag has no influence on Product ads.

You can also add other tags:

  • Label 1 <CUSTOM_LABEL_0>
  • Label 2 <CUSTOM_LABEL_1>

The content of these two attributes is optional and you can use it for any values, such as a margin group. As a parameter, you can also use the tag <PRICE_VAT> attribute that works as a condition.

You can find all the specifications for an XML feed here.