Why you may not see your ad?

  • Campaign settings

Frequent reasons for not showing an ad relate to your campaign settings (total budget, campaign end, set number of clicks or regional targeting).

  • Checking your campaign too soon after adding

Data in the system is batch-processed. Because of system utilization, data may be recorded over a longer period of time.

  • Negative keywords/duplicate keywords

Check your negative keywords at ad group level and campaign level.

  • Daily budget has run out

The system processes the data in batches, and you may face a situation in which you have a daily limit, but you do not see complete numbers in the interface. Make sure there is no overrun which has stopped ads from being posted.

  • Inactive keywords

If you enter a query in the search that you normally see, find out in the crawl interface whether the keyword is inactive.

  • You ad is displayed on the next search result page

If you do not see your ads on the first result page, they may appear on the other search result pages.

  • Budget optimization

Budget optimization ensures that the daily budget is used evenly throughout the day.

  • Rejected/Paused ad

If your ad is not showing, it may be because the ad has been rejected or paused. Check the status of your ads in your account interface.

  • Technical error

If none of the situations described above matches your case, you do not have statistics for a given day, and campaign, ad group, and keywords are active, please contact us and describe your problem in the most detailed way (browser version, screenshot interface, etc.