Overdraft on the daily budget

An overdraft on the daily budget can occur in two cases:

In Search Network

Since Sklik statistics are processed batchwise and are not always up to date, the system may not be able to stop the campaign on time and the daily budget will be slightly exceeded. According to the terms and conditions of the Sklik advertising system, we guarantee that your weekly total spend will not exceed seven times your daily budget.

The budget can also be exceeded if there is a significant difference between the set daily budget and CPC.

The recommended ratio between your daily budget and CPC/CPT is 100: 1 (daily budget: CPC).

In Display Network

Your ad may appear under one of the articles on display network sites where very high traffic is typical, and the system will not be able to stop the campaign early.

In settings, you can change your CPC for the display network to correct your spend. You can turn off the display network completely or exclude some selected sites.


If your total spend exceeds seven times you daily budget, write to us via the contact form. Please write the name of the account where the overdraft has occurred, the campaign name, and the period for which it happened. Our administrators will look into the situation and the difference between the exhausted amount and the set limit will be credited back as credit within the next two working days.