Getting a new password

Changing the password

The login name and password are the same across all the Seznam services. You have the ability to change your password through the Seznam Account report. Once logged in, you can find the password change form and control questions in the left navigation menu under the Change Password tab. You can also change the password in the email box interface.

Lost password

If you remember the password, but the system reports that it is invalid, it may be for one of the following causes:

  • you enter your username with the domain name (i.e. including the part behind)
  • you have selected the wrong domain (i.e. part of the name behind the at sign)
  • you have the Caps Lock or Shift key turned on.

If your system continues to decline your password or if you forget your password, choose how we deliver you a new password:

  • Send to a verified email

If you have a verified email, we’ll send you a new password link. Click here.

  • Send as a text message

If you have a verified mobile phone number, we will send you a new password as a text message.