In the search result, favicons are displayed in 16 × 16 px (larger sizes are automatically reduced).

The maximum supported favicon size is 128 kB; the file format can be any normally readable image.

The Favicony robot gains primarily from the page header from:

ink link rel = „icon“

or link rel = „shortcut icon“

or from the standard https://www.domena.cz/favicon.ico address

Collecting the favicon that is displayed on the ads is done automatically. Usually, the favicon will be “scanned” within a few days.

Causes of outdated favicons

  • Changing the landing page (editing the design or content of the landing page)
  • Changing the URL

To keep favicon running without problems, we recommend that you follow the following guidelines:

  • Only use valid URLs.
  • Make sure your site does not use any banned optimization techniques