Rejected ad

If the ad does not comply with the Advertising Policy, it will be rejected and will stop appearing.

The reason for a rejection may be only a bug in the ad, but it may also be inconsistency with the rules for the landing page.

If you have any doubts about a rejected ad, you can contact the Sklik Administrators team.

Most common reasons for refusal (with examples).

  • Missing gap

Offers various flavours(strawberry,banana,pineapple). Correct: Offers various flavours (strawberry, banana, pineapple).

  • Unreliable prices

The ad contains „Socks from 29 CZK“. The cheapest socks on the landing page are for 50 CZK. Alternatively, there is no price on the website at all.

  • Invalid URL

Once the ad is clicked, the user is taken to a non-existent URL or an invalid page (error 404). It may happen that the optimizer creates a campaign before the programmer creates the appropriate URLs (pages). At the time of approval, the administrator sees the error. That’s why advertising is rejected.

  • Unauthorized content

Often this is erotic images, weapons, cannabis, cigarettes/tobacco, or „miraculous“ advertising (learn a foreign language in three days, etc.).

  • Trademark

Advertisements are blocked if the trademark owner does not want another person to advertise using their trademark. It can be unblocked if the advertiser provides proof of permission to advertise using that particular trademark on a specific Sklik account with the consent of the owner of the trademark.

  • Punctuation problem

Frequently using three dots (…) and more than one exclamation mark. Alternatively, use other characters instead of dots. (Cheap phones – wide selection of brands – quality – reasonable price.) Optional: „Fast shipping + personal access + low prices.“

  • Text does not make sense

(Blue T-shirt with …) – unfinished sentence. It often occurs as a result of poor API settings.

  • Mention of competition

Are you searching for a „brand name of a competitor“? Buy „custom brand name“

  • Domain does not match

The visible URL is, for example,, but after a click, the user is taken to the domain

  • Excessive word repetition

E.g. caption: Accommodation in Prague – Accommodation in Prague

  • Not related to the landing page

The client advertises laundry powder, but there is only an offer of pots on the landing page.

  • Discount with a specified value

The advertiser says „Discounts up to 80%“. On the landing page, however, discounts can only be traced up to a maximum of 50%.

  • Missing text  (on banner)

The banner contains only a blank image. Without text.

  • The banner URL does not match the destination URL

On the banner there is the message „Visit our eshop at“. After a click, however, the user is taken to

  • Unauthorized content

Either the target page or the banner is displayed as illegal content: in particular, cannabis, erotic, and „miraculous“ advertising (learn a foreign language in three days, etc.).