With a retargeting campaign, you can target users that have visited your website. You need to implement the Sklik retargeting code in your website and then you easily define lists of users you want to target. For example, you can target people who have visited some category of your website, people who have a product in their shopping cart but haven’t completed their orders yet, people who have viewed your contacts, customers with special offers, etc. In a retargeting campaign, banners, combined ads (text & pictures) and video can be used.

Let’s create a retargeting campaign: Quick start in retargeting.

GDPR evaluates the basic behaviour of a user or the user’s browser without any information or need for information about who specifically is involved. This therefore does not involve any user-entered data.

The targeting information is never linked to an account on only stores the processed data for a limited period and anonymizes it. No source data is submitted to any third parties. The data is carefully secured and is only accessible to authorized employees.

Information concerning the fact that a cookie from the user’s browser visited a specific product in your e-shop and at the same time didn’t complete the order does not constitute personal data. It is necessary for the retargeting advertising to have at least 30 users in each retargeting list – this securely ensures that it’s not possible to target individual users.

For further information please visit The GDPR on Seznam page.