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Targeting your own customer lists

In the display network, you can target the users based on the list of their e-mail addresses.

How does e-mail address targeting work?

The basis of this type of targeting is your own lists of e-mail addresses (for example, a list of users who subscribe to your newsletter). After uploading these e-mail addresses to your Sklik account, pairing the addresses to the list of our registered users will take place. The resulting list of addresses goes through a second phase of validation, which involves verifying that for each address we have the user’s consent for targeted advertising.

The result sheet then goes through the last pairing process (to another digital identifier), which we use in the advertising system for ads distribution. After completing this process, the system deletes all uploaded addresses and does not work with them anymore to prevent their possible misuse. We do not share e-mail addresses with any external entities.


Additional Terms & Conditions for using this service must be agreed before the list can be uploaded. The consent might be given only by account owner or account administrator. Email addresses will not be physically imported until they are approved.

How to upload emails?

After clicking on Tools – Retargeting, click on Create new list and switch to e-mail (see below). There, you can upload the list of addresses of your choice.

In order to run this type of targeting, there needs to be at least 200 paired addresses with consent for targeted advertising.

There are 2 options for uploading email lists:

  1. Manual upload of the list in csv format. The file must contain 1 email address per line. If the file contains an invalid email (written in wrong format), it will be skipped / ignored. The maximum size for a manually imported list is 500 MB.
  • Automatic uploading using the API.

How to add or remove e-mails from the list?

To adjust the number of e-mail addresses, you need to reupload the file with desired changes. As we do not display the individual e-mails in the interface, it is not possible to delete or add new e-mails. It is necessary to reupload the entire e-mail list, which contains the given changes.

API works differently. There are two methods, one for adding a new email, the other for deleting.

The size of target audience – number of paired addresses

During each import, verification of all addresses will take place:

  1. The uploaded addresses will be validated (whether these are real addresses). The number of valid emails will be displayed in the interface.
  2. In the second step, the list of valid emails will be “filtered” through the database of Seznam registered users.
  3. In the last step, it will be verified whether has consent to target these users.

After this step, the number will be updated to show the final number of paired addresses.

The process of creating a list and pairing of the addresses depends on the import file size. Validation of smaller files can take several minutes whereas large lists should be activated within an hour of import.

Targeting strategies

The individual strategies are based on your knowledge of the customers within the lists. Generally speaking, you can work with these audiences in the similar manner as with retargeting lists, such as:

a list of all my customers;

inactive customers;

regular shoppers;


Supported ad formats

This type of targeting can be combined with all types of supported ad formats in the Display network.

It cannot be used with the formats that are associated with the Search Network, specifically Text Ads and Shopping Ads.

Combination with other targeting types

  • Custom user lists can be combined with other targeting types.
  • However, it is not possible to create combinations of regular retargeting lists with lists created via importing email addresses.
  • Lists of e-mail addresses can be used as negative lists within the Display Network (not in the Search Network).
  • Custom lists do not have the membership length set like regular retargeting lists. You can secure the length or update it by reuploading the list, which replaces the original file.