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Banner Advertisement Rules Vyhledávání

Banner Advertisement Rules

The advertisement rules for banners are identical to those for text advertisement. Banners must also conform to’s general rules for preparation of advertisement formats. Before you start your advertisement, please make sure you do not intend to use Sklik to promote illicit or limited content. Below you can find the parameters and specific terms of service pertaining to banners.

Supported image formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF

Recommended length of animation:Animation is not limited in length; however, it is not recommended to exceed a length of 30 seconds if good user experience is desired.

The maximum data size is 150 KB.

Supported image dimensions:

  • Vertical formats
    • 160×600
    • 300×600
  • Cubes
    • 300×300
  • Horizontal formats
    • 300×250
    • 320×100
    • 468×60
    • 480×300
    • 728×90
    • 930×180
    • 970×210
    • 970×310

Advertisement rules

  • The advertisement must fill the entire image; the principal image and/or text message must not reach outside the indicated advertisment space.
  • Images and text must be relevant and clear in content and quality. Banner content must be horizontal, reading from left to right without tilting or 180° rotation.
  • Banners may contain features similar to controls provided they can be used to deliver the presented target on the landing page.
  • Banners must contain advertisement messages.
  • Banners must contain the logo or domain or company name.
  • Banners must not appear similar to text advertisement, system or website messages, dialogs or operating system environment. Banners must not have transparent background.
  • Animated banners must not contain disruptive features such as excessive blinking of the background, imitation of the stroboscopic effect or optical illusion.
  • Advertisement messages must not violate copyright, trade mark rights, any other instruments that are subject to industrial or intellectual property protection as well as rights pertaining to third parties (see Item 2.3 of Terms and Conditions of for details).
Animated Ad can´t be displayed on HP and